Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Let there be Quizlet and Padlet

Quizlet You Soar the Highest in Teaching!

Reaching greater heights in the new normal education becomes easier now because of the existence of various online educational tools that enable teachers and learners to bring out the best in them. In this part of the article, I am going to illuminate the beauty of Padlet for you to see how this marvelous tool can change your life forever.

Quizlet is a digital educational tool that contains immense studying materials about numerous topics or subject matters created by other users. Its study sets are for free and any user can make their own learning materials and share them with others to foster resource sharing. The information you can acquire from this app can be presented through flashcards, quizzes, and games so that you can utilize them to uplift student engagement or just create an exciting learning experience in the class. Isn’t it astounding?

Just like the other digital tools that I have tried using, I got a fantastic experience using the Quizlet on my own. It was just a trial-and-error session. When it comes to its accessibility, I find it user-friendly for I can just simply sign up and login without complications. It can be used by Android and iPhone users, and since I am an android user, that’s a good thing for me. As to the learning materials, I can just look for the available ones that are relevant to the topics I want to acquire. Also, I tried creating learning material and I was stunned because I can add up multimedia resources that can make the content more creative and attractive. For you to have varied choices of presenting the learning material, you can choose the modes like flashcards, learn, spell, test, match, and gravity. These modes are very enthralling, but what I love the most is the gravity.

However, I can also see two downsides to this tool. First, the reliability, accuracy, and credibility of the learning materials can be questioned because these shared resources are not validated or reviewed, that is why it is necessary to properly and thoroughly assess the information being presented to you before using it. Second, I know that it’s free but what’s painful about open access is that you can just explore or navigate limited features, unless you will upgrade and avail the premium platform for you to have the additional customizations and enhancements. Despite these problems, I can still consider Quizlet as a very functional tool that we, educators can use as a weapon to channel the enthusiastic energy of learning even if we are having a hard time dealing with this pandemic.

In 2016 qualitative data analysis of Bruce Lander about what the students think about Quizlet, results have shown that most of the students resoundingly love the digital flashcards but there are also some of them favor more traditional methods of learning the vocabulary. He also expects further additions and augmentations from Quizlet. With this study, I can say that it is very important for us, educators to utilize this tool and to consider redefining and reimagining our teaching practices (from traditional to modern) by marrying the technology so that the students can be more betrothed in learning and discovery. We need to more open to progress and innovation. Whatever age bracket we are in, seasoned or not, we all need to level up and embrace the new normal education because there’s no other way but to move forward.

With the amazing experiences that I had when I tried using Quizlet, I would love to use it again, especially in this upcoming academic year. Now I will start exploring for more and maybe if I will have the budget, I will consider unlocking the premium platform to maximize its functionality. I would also love to share it with my colleagues for them to know that we can still do more despite the hardships this pandemic gave us. Indeed, we can soar the highest in the field of education with the aid of Quizlet. Just let the Quizlet do the magic!


Unlocking Padlet: Opening the Door to Literacy

            I know it’s so metaphorical to say that information and communication technology is now our best pal to combat against the cruelties of this pandemic and to survive in this new normal education, but it’s totally the reality. With its glory, smart and analytical learning is still possible and feasible even if it’s now done differently. For some, this new system is bizarre because of their reluctance, but for me, I have to break free from the bondage of information uncertainty and illiteracy by creating awesome learning experiences with help of the flooding digital tools.

            New added tool to the list is the Padlet. This technological tool can be a great venue for students to post and share notes in the same place. The notes can be provided in various formats like links, images, videos, and other types of documents. Students can easily use this tool to enhance their quality of learning by conducting group research, unleashing creativity, improving class participation, and acquiring class updates. Mostly, this technology tool can empower collaboration among learners for them to lift each other’s up in this new normal learning environment.

In terms of its functionality and practicality for the teachers as the facilitators of learning, it can be used in many fruitful ways. It can serve as a digital wall that is very useful in the classroom. Specifically, you can use this to do recapitulation or asking students to post a synthesis of what they have learned from the previous lessons and activities. It can also help you gather students’ class expectations, organize collaborative notetaking, conducting living Webquest, wrapping up the day by asking questions about what they have learned, letting students store, share, and export relevant images, links, and topics, asking students to share ideas, acquiring whiteboard answers, and many more. This tool is endless and we can ensure that with its help, the pandemic can’t take its toll on the quality of teaching and learning. It can be your bulletin board, billboard, blackboard, whiteboard, and boredom destroyer!

When it comes to my experiences with this tool, I still like the fact that it’s easy to use. From signing up to the actual utilization, I find this accessible. In signing up and logging in, I use my Google account to keep it simple. Obviously, I have just used the free version because I don’t have the budget yet to upgrade it to the Pro version, but it’s manageable even if it’s just a free version. So, since it’s just free, I am only allowed to create three padlets at a time, but you can just delete them afterward if you want to make new ones. There are actually options that you can do to use it differently. We can have it in a form of a wall, canvas, stream, grid, shelf, backchannel, map, or timeline. Our posts can be enhanced by selecting backgrounds, choosing font styles, selecting the color scheme, attaching links, multimedia files, and other documents, etc. I have found out that we can change the privacy of the post. After the basic steps that you need to do, we can just post the content, make it accessible to our students, and start exploring its possibilities for teaching and learning.

In the 2019 paper of Inma Beltran-Martin about the utilization of Padlet for collaborative learning, it was found out that the students were highly contented with the use of this technology tool in class because it can help them achieve a good academic performance. Moreover, it was confirmed that it can successfully support the collaborative work of the learners. With these results, we can really prove that Padlet can save you in handling the virtual classroom.

I strongly believe that Padlet can be greatly used, just like other technology tools, in making the new normal learning more interactive and more alluring to our learners. With the multiple advantages of this tool, we can organize a safe place for us teachers and learners to gather, share, and expand ideas. It’s like a social networking site that solely for educational purposes. Aside from its stride for academic excellence, it also helps foster camaraderie. Also, I would like to focus on the advantages of this tool (even if there are not-so-serious loopholes or hitches). Aside from the fact that it can be used for free, it is easy to use and it allows you to connect heartily and intellectually with your students.

In the meantime, I will just settle for the free version, since we also have a learning management system that also has this tool’s features. However, I still find it more creative and more engaging so I would really find time to utilize it and showcase its beauty and brilliance to my students. I want to connect more with them, especially that this pandemic hinders me to effectively monitor them. I strongly think that this tool will help me make them updated and espoused in learning. Together, we will unlock this Padlet’s full features and advantages to open the door that leads to academic excellence!

Author: JVC Abatayo

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The Beauty of Plickers and the Power of Google

Plickers can help you Teach!

To those who are not familiar with Plickers yet, it is an amazing application that is inexpensive and free at the same time. You can upgrade your experience but rest assured, it is very cheap. It is actually an educational tool that enables teachers to conduct real-time formative assessments without being problematic if the students don’t have devices or gadgets. You can simply use it in the classroom when it comes to pre-assessments, exit tickets, and class surveys.

After the presentation of the discussant and the demonstration she did, I’ve tried using it and exploring it to see and appreciate its beauty. Using my laptop and my android phone and of course the downloaded Plicker cards, I’ve tried mimicking a classroom scenario. It was hard since I didn’t get real participation from students because it was just a practice but I’ve found out that those cards will be used by the students to have their responses. All they have to do is to rotate the card to give their answer and the instructor will just scan the card to acquire the instant results. As simple as that.

Numerous studies have confirmed the efficacy of heightening student opportunities to respond to growing academically engaged attitudes. When it comes to the reliability of Plickers as an educational tool, there are also existing studies that exposed its splendor. In 2019, David Bradley Kent indicated in his paper that Plickers is an ultimate tool that can be used to engross students of all ages in formative assessment. He further emphasized that it is unique because it can do the assessment by taking technology out of the learner's hands while at the same time, assessing all students at once. In 2017, Morgan G. McCargo conducted a study about the effects of Plickers as response cards on academic engagement behavior in high school students. He hypothesized that the use of it will augment academically engaged behavior class-wide and minimize disorderly behavior among students. Thus, based on these two pieces of literature, we can say that Plickers can help empower student engagement at school.

What I love about Plickers is that is it is so enjoyable and easy to use. It boosts student engagement because no one will be left behind and everybody will be given a chance to stand and deliver. Moreover, it can be done in real-time and it will surely ease your burden in terms of getting the data of your assessments because it can give you automatic feedback. Furthermore, I love the fact that it uses online games and lessons in which it can really help me up as a college instructor, especially that our school is only catering to online learning.

I can’t wait to utilize this tool in the upcoming academic year. I know it will be difficult to orient or train my students to effectively use it because it is very simple to use if we look at the procedures. It is also accessible because it can be used by students of all ages and they don’t need extra efforts or modifications just to participate or be interactive in the class. I am hoping that my plan to use it will be put into action. I will do my best to make my class more engaging and enthusiastic so that my students can appreciate online learning. With the aid of these available applications or tools and with our undying passion for education, we can successfully thrive, prosper, survive, and get out one piece and triumphant from this maze-like predicament!

Google Suite Can Save the Day!

What makes Google dominating and rising? Is it because it controls the cloud? Is it because it powers up everything? Or is it because it is the most superb educational tool nowadays?

Did you know that it is not called Google Apps now? Ladies and gentlemen, let’s pave the way for the Google Suite! It’s creating a revolution in cyberspace because of its massive capabilities and the huge opportunities it brings. One of its servants is Google Forms. This tool helps people to go beyond the office suite. If you’re a teacher, this tool can give you advantages of efficiently doing assessments, especially in this new normal learning environment where most educators find it hard to handle online education. Aside from that, it can also your means to communicate, get feedback, and collaborate with students and colleagues for it will provide you real-time and quick results. If you are a researcher, this is a big hit for you because you don’t need to meet with your respondents in the far-flung areas just to administer your survey questionnaires and experience various risks. Through Google Forms, we can save time, space, effort, and money. It’s your best buddy when you think that the pandemic hits you hard!

I really consider myself a big fan of Google Forms because it can let me do a lot of things. In my work as an educator, I can make use of it to conduct quizzes or exams and give assignments or homework. It can also help me organize webinars and in-house training and symposiums. In fact, libraries nowadays even use Google Forms to acquire feedback from the users aside from using library management systems. It helps me and my students successfully conquer their research despite the restrictions of the pandemic. It can be our remedy in every pandemic’s misery!

Moreover, I also want to emphasize the superiority of the Google Suite as a whole. It is not only free for educational institutions; it can also help them handle gracefully the new normal education because of its known accessibility and functionality. Google Suite awes me so much because of how it effectively facilitates easy interaction, collaboration, learning, and teaching without being problematic in terms of cost and technicality. From the productive or office suite up to the high-end online experiences, Google Suite can really promise you one thing—awesomeness!

As to the existing studies on the usability of Google Suite, most of the results denote the majesty of this online universe. In the paper of E. Romero and colleagues (2018), it was highlighted that Google Suite for Education and ‘Google Universe’ in general is a prevailing group of combined tools that is worth utilizing. It is a boundless option if educators and learners want to work in the most engaging way using collaborative and easy-to-handle tools for enhancing their learning approaches. Aside from this piece of literature, there are massive studies about the Google Suite as an effective tool for teaching and learning. These studies can attest to how exceptional it is.

Definitely, I will continue enjoying the benefits of Google Suite. Without it, I can’t really imagine how things will work accordingly in my life as an educator and a regular individual in the darkest hours of the pandemic. Without it, the world will surely meet its downfall. Yes. It’s not an exaggeration but I think that could happen, especially that there are many learning institutions that rely on its mercy and compassion. I know that there is so much to explore because Google has lots and lots of features. Possibly, it will require so much from us, but one thing is for sure, Google Suite can always save the day!

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Saturday, June 26, 2021

It's SAMR Time! Quizizz it!

By JVC Abatayo 

    First and foremost, I’d like to like to congratulate the two discussants for the substantial presentations. Last time, they have presented two very interesting and relevant topics which are SAMR and Quizizz. Before we go directly to my realization and introspection about these topics, let us first find out more about their definitions. The first presenter successfully enlightened us about the beauty of the SAMR Model. The acronym SARM stands for the “Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition”. It is actually a model that provides a scheme of considering how computerization and automation positively influence learning and teaching. It emphasizes the significance of educational technology as an important catalyst for enhancing the quality of instruction and how it helps learners and educators progress with the aid of technological tools and advancements. The only concern that we need to consider when dealing with this model is the level of student engagement. However, we can’t deny the fact that computer technology is the trend now and it unstoppably creating huge and significant impacts on our education today.

To be specific, let us understand each level for us to comprehend well. First, the substitution level indicates that the computer technology can be used to perform a task that is better than the traditional or usual ways, just like asking students to print out handouts and submit it afterward. Second, augmentation manifests how computer technology can be an effective tool to do common tasks and from the name itself, it signifies that we can do some improvements to the student experience using technology which also helps increase or empowers learners’ sense of productivity and unleash their full potentials. An example of augmentation is when students will take a certain quiz with the use of Google Form instead of having the typical pencil and paper style. Third, the modification phase encourages us to level up even more by using technology to redesign significant tasks and by transforming or doing a positive change to the design of the lessons and their learning outcomes, just like utilizing a learning management system (ex: Schoology, NEO LMS, Google Classroom, Moodle, Canvas, etc.) to manage the logistical aspects of handling a classroom, just like monitoring the grades of the students, communicating with them, creating calendars and administering assignments. Lastly, the redefinition level speaks about learning that can be essentially renovated at the “redefinition level” which enables activities that we thought are impossible to commence or unimaginable. An example of it is when we use virtual pen pals which allow us to contact others even if they are in remote or fa places or when students can connect with the experts and professionals relevant to what they are doing or what their teachers are asking them to do. A teacher can also do virtual field trips or virtual educational travels or organize a webinar for students who want to learn from specialists.

The second presenter thoroughly discussed Quizizz. From the name itself, it is actually an awesome assessment tool that enables teachers and students to create and utilize one another’s quizzes. It’s actually a user-friendly and accessible tool that provides a haven for teachers to organize and facilitate live contests, quizzes, and assessment tasks, and the students can actively and excitingly participate in the given tasks. By just doing the simple steps like providing the students the access code, they can access afterwards the live quiz or timed competition. After taking the assessment tasks, they can actually review their answers and you, as a teacher can have the compiled data to monitor students’ performances.

In terms of the usability and accessibility of this tool, it has a minimalist layout and the procedures of using it are very easy to follow which is a great thing because it doesn’t overwhelm the users. Another good thing is that you can apply the SAMR Model using Quizizz. Through substitution, the learners can perform a task on the Quizizz instead of having the usual written quizzes. In augmentation, while they are taking the quiz, the students can view their responses and others’ too in which they can compare the results while remaining anonymous. In the modification, they are allowed to quickly review their responses and make some changes before the teacher can give scores. In redefinition, the teachers can have the compiled data of the results in the form of a spreadsheet to analyze the performance of the students and make some changes or decisions afterward, especially if there are topics that need serious attention (University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2021).

When it comes to my experiences, to be honest, it was my first time to hear and learn about SAMR Model. I have never heard about it before. But surprisingly, I have found out that I have been thoughtlessly applying the model in my classes using our learning management system which is the NEO LMS. Through it, we can post in the news feed the important announcements and every student can read them immediately. We can also communicate with them using chat and receive real-time responses and notifications. We can also creatively create classes there by choosing specific designs and augmentations. We can also administer different assessment tasks like online quizzes, offline assignments, team activities, games, dropbox, essays, surveys, debates, SCORM quiz, and google assignments. We can enter content such as texts, images, videos, and animations. We can upload our resources in the lessons corner or store them in the library. We can immediately connect to Google Meet and Zoom without hassle. We can also monitor automatically their grades, progress, and performances. As instructors, we also have the capacity or the authority to manage the settings in case if there needed enhancements or transformations. This LMS is actually considered the world’s best LMS for schools and universities in the Philippines because of its various relevant features.

As to the Quizizz, I only got the chance to experience its amusing functionality when some of my GS classmates in Capitol University introduced it to us and administered pretest and posttest during their topic presentations. Our LMS also has the same functionality but I would honestly say that Quizizz is more straightforward and easier to use. As a College Instructor, possibly I will consider using it in the near future, but as of the moment, I can fully rely on our LMS because of the massive features that we can utilize.

I strongly believe that the SAMR model is very relevant in this time of the pandemic. Indeed, educators need to familiarize and utilize this model to have a smooth-sailing and innovative way of delivering online education without neglecting the students’ welfare and education. Its phases are easy to comprehend because the processes are clearly manifested. What I really love about it is that it can really transform the usual way of learning. It has great and promising outlooks about improving the quality of education and it enables educators to unleash the full potentials of the students. It can heighten their engagements and it can enhance their academic performance in this new normal learning environment. I would also love to say that Quizizz is very useful, especially in this time of the pandemic where some schools don’t have enough budget for learning management systems. Because it is free and user-friendly, everyone can just use this for teaching and learning. The only issue that I can draw about Quizizz is that for me, it’s kind of childish, easy-peasy, or too creative for me. As a college instructor, I would settle for an advanced tool like the learning management systems that can help you administer all types of assessment. However, I still consider Quizziz as an effective backup plan, a fortress, or a source of ammunition when life becomes harder for your institution or when students want to keep it simple and accessible.

Now I will continue what I have been doing and be more obedient to SAMR Model because it clearly can help me get through this labyrinthine situation that all of us are experiencing. It’s a great concept for us to face online education or even flexible learning. I will be more systematic on my assessment tasks by following the SAMR Model so that my online classes will be more engaging, more fruitful, and more interactive. I will harmoniously utilize this model to surpass the traditional way of teaching and learning by substituting, augmenting, modifying, and redistributing what I have and what I can give to my students. I will reflect even more about the very essence of having technology as an important portal for them to go victoriously to their desired future. Also, through Quizizz, I will offer something new to the table so that my students can have another exciting learning experience that is different from the usual. Furthermore, I will also share these new pieces of facts and information with my colleagues so that they can also consider other paradigms that will help them shape or transform effectively and efficiently their teaching practices. All of us deserve to rise from the ashes that is why with the help of this model and with the aid of the different technological tools and advancements, we can do more and be more in this new normal education. I know it sounds like a cliché but it clearly brings all the thought and reality of what we are experiencing right now.

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Monday, May 31, 2021

The Cure for Education During the Pandemic: A Reflection

By JVC Abatayo

We are not defeated yet and this pandemic can’t stop us from empowering learning and literacy for I believe that we, educators, are still fighting amidst the constrictions we experience, and with this misfortune, we are still determined and fervent to go beyond our limitations because we desire to uplift academic excellence, research development, and community success despite the scorching setbacks. As a student pursuing Doctor of Philosophy, major in Educational Management, I am so grateful for the action-packed and adventuresome learning experience in our subject, Management of Instructional Program, and with the guidance of our dynamic and benevolent professor, I have imbibed pieces of information and bits of fact about this domain.

The topics that struck me the most when it comes to the management of the Instructional Program are educational technology and online facilitation because they are very relevant in the new normal education. First, I really find the topic about supervision and administration of educational technology very enthralling because it clearly emphasizes the significance of technology in easing the burdens or adversities that we are facing because this pandemic really disrupts everything in the field of education. I know that through technological advancement we can still deliver quality education without neglecting the well-being of our teachers and learners. This also calls for the right time to embrace automation and computerization so that we can be flexible in giving instruction and in managing the classroom without being problematic about the hitches. Second, I strongly believe that online facilitation is also a top priority because we are now espousing online distance learning as part of the flexible learning modality and if we have enough knowledge about it, we can ensure that there will be effective and efficient interactive learning activities, especially if we are already familiar in utilizing the available ICT tools, facilities, and systems that can help us get out from the labyrinthine challenges that this pandemic has brought to us. Thus, being an educational leader in times of the pandemic requires you to be adept in planning and implementing policies and programs significant to educational technology and online facilitation.

To sum it up, as educational leaders, we need to be proactive in working on our responsibilities even if it is quite difficult to find the light at the end of the tunnel. We need to think that investing in education means that you need to do the best that you can just to maintain its eminence even if there are problems along the way. By having a positive and rich mindset that we are not yet defeated because we can still build an indestructible fortress by utilizing educational technology to aid learning and master online facilitation with fervor and dedication, we can still stand firm and reach the highest peak and find a cure for education during the pandemic.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Art of Mentoring

By JVC Abatayo

        It is indeed true that an iron can also sharpen an iron, that is why it is very important to be with those individuals who are thriving and proactive about achieving their goals in life because they can inspire you to see life as a battlefield in which it is possible to lose for you to learn and bounce back and for you to be able to experience the real essence of triumph. With that, I strongly believe that mentoring is very significant in helping others to reach greater heights and unleash their hidden adeptness and brilliance. Having a mentor enables you to recognize that there is always hope amidst uncertainties and adversities. However, the only challenge in mentoring is the acceptance and provision of trust because sometimes others could become reluctant and hesitant in giving and accepting trust from those individuals whom they think are not trustworthy.

        As a Chairperson of the Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) Program of Saint Michael College of Caraga, I also do sessions of mentoring not only for my students but also for my subordinates and colleagues. I really make sure that I never fail to give my pieces of advice and words of encouragement and wisdom to them for them to have a support system that will help them in times of difficulties and setbacks not only about the program-related issues and concerns but also when they have personal problems. Moreover, I am so grateful to have genuine mentors who push me to become a more effective and efficient individual. I want to mention our dean here because I strongly believe she has the qualities of a good and accountable mentor. I actually seek advice from her on what will be the right things to do when I have problems with our program, especially in the instruction and marketing advocacies. I can still remember when I was just a newbie in the department, I went to her office and talk to her heartily when I committed something inconsiderable and unbearable. She praises me when I do something worth-appreciating and she slaps all of the truth to my face when I do something that is not proper. For these very reasons, I always trust her because I know it’s the right way to build a strong bridge that will lead me to the fortress of success.

        I am so privileged right now because I have acquired new inputs and takeaways about the mentoring process. This means a lot really for me as a program head. Though it is not easy to just lay down your trust and have someone to pick it up easily, we should always find those persons who can illuminate the excellence and beauty within you. We need to embrace the advantages of having a mentor who can empower us. If you have one or more, trust them, appreciate them, and listen to them because they can resonate with the truth about you. Good or bad, you need them for you to see the light and to win a good fight.

        The pieces of information and bits of facts that I have learned about mentoring, one way or another, I will apply in my work as a program chairperson. I will continue inspiring my students to be proactive and appreciative when it comes to learning and exploring Library and Information Science. I know that they know that I am always there for them when they experience complications and setbacks. They also know that I am very vocal when they commit mistakes or when they become irresponsible. That’s how connected we are. Furthermore, as I am handling a supervisory job, I promise that I will be a desirable mentor for my subordinates or colleagues because that’s the essence of servant leadership. I am here in this position to influence and encourage them to become the best that they can always be. I need to motivate them to help me up in my quest on honing future catalysts for academic excellence, research development, and community success. God is good and great. I know he will help me give sound and acceptable advice and instruction.

        To those who want to grow and evolve, don't hesitate to look for the right mentors. Be mentored. Be tailored. Be furnished.

Monday, May 24, 2021

LEADERSHIP IN THE IMPROVEMENT OF INSTRUCTION: Leadership Strategies that Support Teachers


By: JVC Abatayo

As a future school leader, I really have learned a lot on what would be the most appropriate things to do when employing leadership strategies that would help your teachers unleash their full potentials and for them to excel in the field of instruction. I’ve acquired so much information regarding the ways of solidifying and augmenting teacher career advancement, providing opportunities for teachers for them to collaborate and expand their horizon by sharing strategies with each other, formulating appropriate pieces of feedback that are constructive or transformative, and listening heartily and responding to their concerns. These strategies will surely be applied if I will become a school leader in the near future.

      To be specific, it is really a must for a school leader to encourage his/her subordinates to go out from their comfort zones to start rising from the ashes. They need to be enlightened about the beauty of career progressions so that they can be more effective and efficient in handling instruction. They need to be inspired in achieving greater heights and learning how to evolve as educators for them to be more and competent, which will also lead them to provide what’s just and fair for the students. At the end of the day, the learning of the students is the top priority.

      Another, I know it’s a cliché to say that “no man is an island” but it is really true because, in the field of education, no one can stand on his/her own. With that, it is obvious that collaboration is a must. By encouraging your subordinates to work together to thrive and prosper together, you can surely expect a great quality of instruction. Everyone should be supportive of each other because the bottom line here is that we all just have the same vision, mission, goals, and objectives. We all want to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Thus, fruitful collaboration must always be there to ensure organizational progress.

      Lastly, communication is always the key to have a smooth-sailing way of understanding teachers individually. As a school leader, you need to be there to listen heartily to their concerns because they need to voice out what they feel and you need to know as well what their experiences and struggles are (if there are any). You need to be willing to give appropriate and honest feedback and judgments because they deserve to be informed about what is really happening and why it is that they need to accept such constructive or transformative criticisms or comments from you. Thus, effective feedbacking is really necessary to avoid conflicts and to settle disputes.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Meeting and Embracing Change

  1. “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” -Albert Einstein


I see change as necessary for us to understand that life is not boring. There are so many things to explore and with change, we can unleash our full potentials and discover bizarre but exciting things that will keep us evolving and flourishing. Without change, it will be impossible for us to stir innovation. Like a butterfly that is undergoing a metamorphosis, human beings also need to transform to become better than ever.

As professionals and leaders in our individual organizations, we should not be hesitant and reluctant in embracing change because it helps us unravel the mysteries of life and it measures versatility and resilience when facing unexpected adversities and setbacks that come along the way. Thus, when we desire to achieve our organizational goals, we should always be ready to manage disruptions.

Change is needed when growth is already not happening because of passiveness and pessimism. It always exists because it is not meant to degrade or destroy you, but it enables you to achieve better opportunities in life. When we desire something to happen for ourselves, we should always be ready to face commotions or distractions that test our capability to endure the hardships and think about what needs to be done to solve the problem.

When it comes to leadership, disruptions always happen in every organization. Leaders constantly face change and through flexibility and fortitude, they can find ways to get out of a labyrinth. Without change, an organization will remain stagnant. It will not boom and bloom. When a leader is resistant to change, he/she possibly doesn’t want to improve. He/she only settles for less. When a leader is proactive in facing and handling change, it will create a positive impact on his/her subordinates, leading them to think and accept that change is vital for them to effectively recalibrate, reinvent, and embrace new paradigms that will solidify the organization amidst challenges and will enable them to collaborate to achieve their common goals.

What needs to be changed? Sometimes, it’s the leadership style that will depend on a specific situation or predicament. Sometimes, it’s the perception of the leader towards leadership because it’s always important to become a servant leader, not a bossy dictator. Sometimes, it’s the plan because there are always disruptions that make a plan irrelevant and we can always bounce back and try other options. Sometimes, it’s the worker because whether we like it or not, if he/she is the evil extra baggage who never exerts effort to change and the one who could be the cause for the organization’s downfall, we have to set him/her free. Sometimes, it’s changing that needs to be changed because we need to assess first what will be the consequences of our actions to lessen the damage or dodge it as much as possible.

When change happens, there are only two possible outcomes that come after it. It could break or make you and the people around you. Who will be involved? As I have said, it's you and the people around you. There are also instances that there are unforeseen individuals who will come along the way which will help you or worsen the situation. 

In an organization, change will always be felt by all but sometimes, only a few will care or will acknowledge how significant change is. Thus, it is very important for a leader to enlighten his or her subordinates about the real beauty of change. They need to realize that life isn't always sugar, spice, and everything nice. There are times that they need to face the panic zone and conquer it to experience learning and growing.

Change can successfully be managed when you are thriving. When you have the vitality and the determination to learn, you can always adapt to change and even take advantage of it. You just need to acknowledge the various enablers that will help you manage changes or disruptions. These enablers could be positivity or proactiveness, psychological flexibility, drive to learn, sense of religiosity, social capability, support from colleagues and significant others, and ability to face adversities. With these enablers, we can surely find the light at the end of the tunnel.



Credits to the owner of the image: https://cpoinnovation.com/change-management/

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